Saturday, August 29, 2015

Last tubes for August!

New tubes....hope you like these. The first set are large png files for those who like to tag with head shots, so I zipped them up. Download link is below the preview.

These you can just right click to save. 3 different poses.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Updated Poser style tubes

Some older Poser style tubes I updated:

Updated Tubes

Here are some older toon style tubes for you to use in your tags and tutorials. If you create any tutorials with my images, please send me a message with the link to the tut so I can share the link in my tagging forum. Thanks!!  Have fun!


Pirates and Witches!

Been busy busy creating more tubes. I would love to see what you create with my tubes, Please feel free to send me your tags or links to your tuts featuring my art. I will be happy to display your work here! Right click to save images. They are pngs. Happy tagging!!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

New tubes!

So, I took a long hiatus from creating art but I am back. I'm sorry none of the old links work. I will be redoing this blog and uploading some tubes for you. All of my art in png form can be downloaded from my tagging forum. Just click the link on the top menu. You will need an account on Yuku to access the forum. Please join! I love seeing tags featuring my art! 
For are a few new tubes I made this month....just click on them, then right click to save them. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Life Grabs Us in Mysterious Ways and Throws a Few Hurdles Along Our Path. For Two Well Respected Friends and Designers in the PSP Community, Their Current Hurdle is a Big One and They Need Help From Family, Friends and Our Small Community. Krissy and Her Mum Joy are in Need of Our Support! Joy Recently Suffered a Stroke That has Left Her Incapable of Doing Many Things on Her Own, Including Living by Herself. Krissy has Gladly Taken on the Task of Being the Supportive and Capable Caregiver as Well as Loving Daughter. Because of This, They’re Facing a Bit of a Financial Hurdle. Piled on are Not Only Their Regular Day to Day Bills and Living Expenses but Also the Costs Involved with Hospital and Doctors Visits Plus Ongoing Tests. The Easiest and Quickest Way to Help our Beautiful Friends is Through This Incredible Collab!

This Collab, Named "Pixie Perfect", Is a Theme That Joy Absolutely Loves. We Have Included Her Favorite Color ( Purple ) Along With Other Beautifully Striking and Complimentary Colors! The End Result is a Huge Collab Consisting of Both PU and CU Items Made by Some of the Most Creative and Inspiring Designers in Our Community and Totally a Whopping 1.18GB! They’ve All Come Together to Show Their Love and Support for Krissy and Joy!

For the Low Price You are Paying You are Getting an Amazing Deal. If Purchased Individually You Would be Sure to Part With a Large Chunk of Change. So Simply Purchase this Stunning Collab, Grab Some Goodies, and Know That You are Giving Support to a Truly Deserving Set of Friends who Need Help in Climbing Over One of Life's Hurdles!

Click HERE to Purchase :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

We Have A New Tagging Forum On Yuku!  
Many of you know us from our MSN group BritsyNin Tuts and Tags,and our BritsyNin forum.We closed the forum last year but kept our main website here available for everyone to have access to our art and scrapkits. The artists here have decided to start a new tagging forum on Yuku so that we can get back to doing what we really enjoy..creating art, tagging art, and seeing what others create with our art! 
We will be holding many contests there and offering some exclusive tubes and kits just for our forum members!
All we ask is that you only offer tags and display tags in our forum that are featuring the art created by the artists of BritsyNin, found in our galleries and blogs, here on this website! Please do not display tags featuring tubes by other artists on our boards.
Our current artists are:
Me (JDD Designs), Audrey (FinArt Designs), Mary (Mary's Creative Designs), 
Colleen (CraftyKid), Paula (Paula AG), Debs (Mystery Designs), and 
Clare (Clarez Creationz)
Our tubes and scrapkits will continue to be available for download in each of the artists' galleries. Please be sure to read the terms of use for each artist before downloading from the galleries. We have a tubes board in the forum where we will be posting previews of new art available for download and also some exclusives for you to play with. 
While the creations you make with the tubes we offer can be used in any group/forum/website, in our new group only our art can be used on the boards. The Britsynin Artists Tagging Lounge is for tagging our art, the Artists of Britsynin, exclusively. You will need to register on Yuku in order to join our forum. For those of you familiar with MSN groups, you will find our Yuku forum to be very similar!
If you enjoy creating with the art supplied here, won't you please come and join us in our B.A.T. Lounge and share with us what you have made? We would love to have you there!

B.A.T. Lounge Admins: Janet (caveninit), Audrey (SnowWolf Audrey), Mary (Marys Creative Designs), Clare (ClarezCreationz), Colleen (CraftyKid)

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