Terms Of Use

 Welcome to my blog page! Just wanted to give an update on my terms of use for downloading and creating with my images..they are as follows:

You have my permission to use my images in designing web pages, stationary, signature tags etc. You may also enhance them with sparkles, glitter, accents etc.

Please do not distort the images. Proportional resizing only please!
Please do not claim these as your own, place them on your site for download without my permission, add them to any collection, offer them for sale or make a profit from them.
I would appreciate it if  you would add my copyright to  all projects that include my images: ©JDD Designs  http://bat.yuku.com
Hope you find something you like! I would love to see what you create with my images, so please feel free to join my tagging forum. We have some awesome artists there offering free tubes, scrapkits, and other PSP supplies, along with lots of fun challenges!